Large Start-Up Bundle


12 (12x18) posters

  • The Power PC, A Little Thing PC, ADIO PC, Far Reaching PC, No Lion, 2 ADJ Room Etiquette, Braces, Your Child's Spine, If Your Spine Wears Out and 2 How Far Will You Take Your Chiropractic Care?

18 (24x36) posters

  • Headaches Testimonial Poster, High Blood Pressure Testimonial Poster, Family Health Testimonial Poster, Incontinence Testimonial Poster, Thyroid Testimonial Poster, ADHD Testimonial Poster, Ear Infections, 2 Have Your Family Checked, 2 Subluxations, 3 Damaging Effects and 3 Chiropractic Spinal Nerves

37 (50 ct) all testimonials

10 (50 ct) brochures

  • Carpal Tunnel, Ear Infections, Fibromyalgia, High Blood Pressure, Immunity, Lower Back Pain, Migraines, Neck Pain, Pregnancy, and Safety of Chiropractic.

2 (100 ct) ANS Handout

2 (100 ct) Effects of Spinal Subluxation Handout

2 (100 ct) Out of Whack

1 Disc #2:  Chiropractic Breakdown

1 Disc #3:  Results Driven Care

1 Disc #4:  The Phases of Care

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